We will help you speak Turkish
We will tell you what to say to «nasılsın» and how to bargain at «pazarda»
Interesting classes and just the right knowledge
It’s going to be fun on our platform :)
A tedious lesson turns into an interesting game
Built-in word translation
Interactive homework
Vocabulary with statistics
Learn words in a game
How the Turkish language can help you?
You know better than anyone why you should learn Turkish
If you know Turkish in Turkey, new doors open for you
We can prepare you for university studies in Turkey
We can prepare you for a job in Turkey and even help you to prepare your resume correctly
Tariffs to suit everyone
No extra babble: the bigger the package, the cheaper the lessons :)
32+2 lessons
If you don't know Turkish and want to reach A1 in a couple of months
8+1 lessons
You can easily order food delivery or call a cab after 9 lessons
4 lessons
It’s like a first date where you find out if we’re right for each other
0/0/4 – installment plan for any tariff
per lesson
per lesson
per lesson
Stories and feedback from our students
Founder of Tamam School
Mikhail Sholokhov
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